Update 5 gave us a new instrument to play around with, the pibgorn!

If you thought theorbos were obscure, well, theorbos are obscure but they’ve got nothing on pibgorns.
I only found out about the pibgorn recently when I was doing research for my minstrel instrument article, and I like to think I know a good many obscure and archaic instruments.
The pibgorn is a Welsh hornpipe (leeks, pibgorns, the Dunlending language — someone at Turbine has been reading a lot about Wales). The instrument looks like a wooden flute with cattle horns stuck on either end. The smaller horn is a mouthpiece, you blow into it and it funnels the air into the reed. The larger horn serves as an amplifier.

A real pibgorn  sounds somewhat like a bagpipe with not unpleasant hints of kazoo and harmonica.  As for how the LotRO pibgorn sounds,  lotrostrategery  said it “sounds part synth, part violin, part stepping on cats”. There’s also something  screwy with the scale, a few of the notes are not the notes they should be, but I’ve bug reported it and I’m hoping it will be fixed soon.

December 17th edit:
this post has been added to the main minstruments article, rendering that article once again a complete listing of all the instruments in the game.


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