Into the granite city of Teloth wandered the youth, vine-crowned, his
yellow hair glistening with myrrh and his purple robe torn with briers of
the mountain Sidrak that lies across the antique bridge of stone. The men
of Teloth are dark and stern, and dwell in square houses, and with frowns
they asked the stranger whence he had come and what were his name and
fortune. So the youth answered:

“I am Iranon, and come from Aira, a far city that I recall only
dimly but seek to find again. I am a singer of songs that I learned in
the far city, and my calling is to make beauty with the things remembered
of childhood. My wealth is in little memories and dreams, and in hopes
that I sing in gardens when the moon is tender and the west wind stirs
the lotus-buds.”

Thus begins H.P. Lovecraft’s short story The Quest of Iranon and the third time I re-read it I thought, “wouldn’t that fit perfectly as a LotRO Minstrel?” and so I went and rolled an Elven Minstrel named Iranon. My intention was to get him to about level ten, put him in a purple robe and a white rose circlet and park him near a vault.
But he was too interesting.
Now, over a year later, he’s my other main character and I’m writing under his name.

If you must know, my main is a Guardian, I’ve been playing LotRO since spring 2008, and I’m not really a gamer at all, just a book nerd (all the cool people in LotRO are).

If you really must know, I’m in my mid-twenties and working towards being able to support myself by writing fiction. I have a cat, a gecko and a number of younger siblings, I speak English with an American west-coast accent and I have a weakness for Earl Gray tea.


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  1. geraldine
    Aug 22, 2011 @ 16:54:13

    Thanks for your input! I am a Minstrel named Garaleen, on Vilya server, kin with Friends of Frodo. An old lady, who is supported by her husband, and has given her children lots of siblings. I have a weakness for sweet liquor.


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