Fireworks are fixed!

The patch on January 17th was really only a couple of bugfixes.

A new Yule fest horse was released, as were a few new Yule cosmetic items (two cloaks, a dress and a tunic):
You can find screenshots of the new outfits on CosmeticLotRO and LotROstylist.

Perhaps even more momentous than new cosmetics (though less important than a new horse) is the fact that the fireworks bug has finally been fixed. Fireworks can again be sold, traded, mailed, stored in vaults and housing chests, and generally tossed around between characters.

My storage alts are revelling in their newly freed inventory slots, and my main characters are delighted to be no longer short on fireworks while the storage alts are sitting on mountains of them.

*sets off hundreds of celebratory fireworks*


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