Robe of the Learned Stag and Halloween Costumes

There’s quite a number of interesting cosmetic gear from the new quests in Dunland, I could fill pages with screenshots fof it, but I’d rather be out there doing those quests (and practising with these minstrel changes) so I’m only going to post one robe.
The Robe of the Learned Stag is available from one of the quests in Trum Dreng (and there are cosmetically identical robes from a quest in the Bonevales  and from the Dunland reputation vendor). It’s a very nice-looking robe, but it comes off rather bulky and not very elven. I can’t really take it seriously for my characters, but I went ahead and made up some Harvestmath costumes.

Here my Guardian is dressed up like a cowboy. He’s got the Robe of the Learned Stag, the snow-dusted hat and the fingerless gloves (from the winter festival), and the Shoulders of the Mighty Verse (part of the Minstrel Moria set). Every piece is dyed Sienna and all he needs to finish the costume is for someone to invent the six gun.

And here’s the same robe used as the base of a completely different costume. Iranon the Minstrel is attending Harvestmath as Dracula. He’s got the Robe of the Learned Stag, the Wandering Bard’s Helm (part of the Minstrel Rift set, available as a cosmetic from the skirmish vendors), the Cloak of the Raven (from the last fall festival), and Shoulderpads of the Learned Stag (also from a Trum Dreng quest). The shoulderpads are dyed black, and the rest of the gear is in crimson. I’m thinking of getting rid of the hat and dying Iranon’s hair black for the festival, but the difficulty in getting the original shade of blonde again might make me just keep the hat.

Interestingly, not only is The Robe of the Learned Stag an incredibly versatile robe, but it also looks like an entirely different cosmetic on female characters. On a girl, the robe has an exterior belt with the tail hanging down in front; it has fitted long sleeves instead of puffy, shorter sleeves; the vest underneath is smooth fabric instead of textured; the top of the vest is cut a little differently and the bottom half of the robe is more closed on a female character and only shows the trousers beneath when she walks. Overall, the female version looks more like a heavily styled dress and the male version looks like a trench coat over a two-piece suit.

One benefit of wearing costumes with hats that hide your ears is that when you meet Rohirrim, who don’t really believe in Elves, they don’t freak out and implode.


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