Minstrel 102

Minstrels were changed extensively with the Isengard update in Fall 2011. This post is now obsolete, and remains here for posterity’s sake.


This article is in response to Turbine’s Minstrel 101: New Player Class Guide.
Turbine has been coming out with these 101’s lately, and they’re supposed to be helpful tips and pointers for absolutely brand new players who’re bumbling their ways through the first ten levels. Up until now, that is what they have been. The guardian guide has said “this is what aggro is”, the hunter guide has said “trap things so you can shoot them more” and the champion guide has said “AOE is your friend”. Minstrel 101, however, is a little different. Minstrel 101 says “Warspeech is great!”

Now, Warspeech is great, don’t get me wrong. I love Warspeech, and soloing would be terribly boring without it. But telling brand new players to just toggle on warspeech the moment they hit level ten, and then saying “Make sure to re-toggle War-speech when logging back into LOTRO or after reviving!” just sits wrong with me. Minstrels are healers, that is their primary purpose in life. Warspeech cuts your heals in half. When you’re soloing it’s great to be able to kill stuff that much faster and not have to heal yourself, but if you try to group with Warspeech turned on, people will laugh at your shoddy healing as they scream and die.
As a general practice, drop Warspeech when you join a group.

If you’re soloing and things get tight, go ahead and drop Warspeech as a last-ditch measure to stay alive. The 50% reduction in heals lasts for ten seconds after you drop Warspeech, but if you time things right you can drop it, DPS for another ten seconds and then heal yourself and not have to die.
At level 12 you’ll get another skill, Cry of the Valar, which sends enemies running away from you for 15 seconds. Once you have Cry of the Valar, you can use it to chase something off, drop Warspeech, wait out the ten seconds, heal yourself full up and wait for the monster to come back to you and meet its death.

Many of your damaging skills (Piercing Cry and your Ballads) can be used while you move, so you can also try running around in circles and damaging a monster while it chases after you trying to get a hit in edgewise. This is known as kiting, and is something minstrels should be familiar with.

At root, Minstrels are healers. Warspeech is a wonderful skill which makes their lives easier, but minstrels should never forget that they are healers.

And that concludes Minstrel 102.


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