Haudh Iarchith, the Breeland Rep Dungeons (Pt. 1, Southern Barrow Downs)

What is Haudh Iarchith?
Haudh Iarchith, or (more accurately) the Breeland rep dungeons, is a series of ten small level 20 dungeons throughout the Barrow Downs. These dungeons contain a number or regular slayer deeds, an additional boss-killing deed and the items, mobs and bosses for the Bree reputation quests available from the NPCs at the Hunting Lodge in Breetown. They also contain scholar nodes for both tier 2 and tier 3, and the mobs will drop scholar mats for both these tiers (and occasionally tier 5 mats will drop*), making Haudh Iarchith invaluable to scholars.
*the tier 5 mats may be the result of a bug caused when the dungeons were de-level’d from 50 to 20, so take advantage of it while it lasts.

A Bit of History.
There used to be a great big level 50 dungeon called Haudh Iarchith and known as the Breeland rep dungeon (singular). The door to this dungeon was in the Southern Barrow Downs somewhat near the entrance to the Great Barrow.
With the launch of Free-to-play in September of 2010, Turbine made a number of changes to the game, and one of these changes was to de-level Haudh Iarchith down to 20, break it into ten much smaller dungeons and scatter the entrances all over the Barrow Downs. These rather vast and recent changes have caused some confusion, it can be difficult to find accurate and current information on the Breeland rep dungeons.
The term Haudh Iarchith properly refers now to only one of the ten smaller dungeons, but is still used occasionally (both by players and in in-game text) to refer to all of the Breeland rep dungeons collectively. The deed log entry for the deed “Executioner of the Wicked” lists all the bosses as being “in the barrow of Haudh Iarchith”, but in actuality these bosses are spread throughout the various little dungeons and only one boss is actually in the dungeon called “Haudh Iarchith”.
This guide is intended to provide a useful overview of how the rep dungeons looks now, without any confusion from how it might have looked in the past.

Southern Barrow Downs
Here is a map of the Southern Barrow Downs, with the locations of the rep dungeons marked.

  • F is Haudh Nogbenn
  • G is Haudh Iarchith
  • H is The Tomb of Maenadar
  • I is Goetham
  • J is Gwantham

Southern Barrow Downs Breeland rep dungeons

In all the following maps, the player cursor is located at the door of the dungeon.

F – Haudh Nogbenn
See the section on Northern Barrow Downs for a full description.

G – Haudh Iarchith
Haudh Iarchith contains the boss Fergandir (a Gaunt Man) and also contains the following ordinary mobs for deeds or quests:

  • Barrow Wardens
  • Howling Barrow-hounds
  • Barrow Spirits
  • Noxious Barrow-wardens
  • Barrow Candles
  • Gaunt Plague-bearers

The location of Fergandir is marked with a red X.

Haudh Iarchith map

H – The Tomb of Maenadar
The Tomb of Maenadar contains no boss, but has the following mobs for deeds and quests:

  • Barrow Wardens,
  • Barrow Bats
  • Howling Barrow-hounds
  • Creeping Hands
  • Barrow Candles (in part 2 only)
  • one Gaunt Plague-bearer (in part 2)

The Tomb is in two parts. When you enter through the door marked H on the landscape map, you will be in the first part of of the Tomb.
Travel through this tomb and you will find another door called “Tomb of Maenadar” (marked with a red X on the map below).
Tomb of Maenadar map part 1

Proceed through this door and you will find yourself in the second part of the Tomb.

Tomb of Maenadar part 2

Going back through the door you came in lands you outside the dungeon on the barrow downs and not in the first part of the Tomb where you just came from. This can be rather disconcerting, but it seems to be working as intended.

I – Goetham
Goetham contains the boss Faegfaer (a shade) and the following mobs:

  • Barrow Spirits
  • Noxious Barrow-wardens
  • Gaunt Plague-bearers

Faegfaer’s location is marked with a red X.

Map of Goetham

J – Gwantham
Gwantham has the following mobs:

  • Barrow Wardens
  • Barrow Bats
  • Barrow Candles
  • Howling Barrow-hounds

Gwantham does not contain a boss.

map of Gwantham


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