Haudh Iarchith, the Breeland Rep Dungeons (Pt. 2, Northern Barrow Downs)

Northern Barrow Downs
The map of the Northern Barrow Downs, with the locations of the rep dungeons marked.

  • A is The Barrow of Taradan
  • B is The Barrow of Ringdor
  • C is Haudh Methernil
  • D is Haudh Taenthond
  • E is Hautham
  • F is Haudh Nogbenn

Northern Barrow Downs; Breeland rep dungeons marked

On all of the following maps, the player cursor is located at the door of the dungeon.

A – The Barrow of Taradan

The Barrow of Taradan contains the boss Gwigon, two Ancient Pillars for [such and such a quest] and the following regular mobs:

  • Barrow-spiders
  • Creeping Hands
  • Rotting Barrow-wights

Gwigon’s location is marked with an X, and the Ancient Pillars’  with Ys.
Barrow of Taradan map

B – The Barrow of Ringdor
The Barrow of Ringdor is one of the larger barrows. It contains the boss Umnen (a darkwater who, unlike the other barrow bosses, drops a ruby shard), three Ancient Pillars and the Watcher’s Workshop (clicking this will open your crafting panel, as if it is a crafting facility, but it isn’t. I remember it being a location associated with one of the epic quests, but I can’t for the life of me remember which one, and google is being particularly unhelpful). The Barrow of Ringdor contains the following regular mobs:

  •  Putrid Darkwaters
  • Decaying Barrow-wights
  • one Kergrim Barrow-prowler

Umnen is marked with a Y, the Watcher’s Workshop with a Z, and the Ancient Pillars with Xs.

C – Haudh Methernil
Haudh Methernil is home to the boss Marrow and one lonely little Ancient Pillar. It also contains a number of Kergrim Barrow-prowlers and one Decaying Barrow-wight.

Marrow’s location is marked with a Y, the Ancient Pillar’s with an X.

D – Haudh Taenthond
Haudh Taenthond contains three Ancient Pillars and the following mobs:

  • Creeping Hands
  • Rotting Barrow-wights
  • Barrow-spiders

Haudh Taenthond does not contains a boss; the locations of the Ancient Pillars are marked with Xs below.

E – Hautham
Hautham houses neither a boss nor any Ancient Pillars. It is overrun with the following mobs:

  •  Barrow-spiders
  • Rotting Barrow-wights
  • Barrow Candles
  • Creeping Hands

F – Haudh Nogbenn
Haudh Nogbenn contains the boss Brishzel (a bargest) and the following baddies:

  • Barrow Wardens
  • Barrow Bats
  • Howling Barrow-hounds

Brishzel paces between the two rooms in the dungeon, his path is marked in red.


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