Cosmetic Gear for the Elf-maiden Skirmish Soldier

This was originally posted here on my Livejournal.

There aren’t many good skirmish soldier cosmetic guides around, so I decided to make my own for the elf-maiden.

I apologise for the varying sizes and qualities of the pictures, skirmish soldiers don’t do well with a simple order such as “stand there and look at the camera”. You can be standing there and bump a key, turning your character about 45 degrees, and the skirmish soldier will take it as an excuse to run in a full circle, run through a vault-keeper, over a table, into and then around a wagon, in another full circle and then end up standing just inches from where she was (or behind a pillar on the opposite of the area, making a picture of her impossible). It would seem that the reason there aren’t many guides out there is because the screenshots are so hard to get.

I did, however, manage to get all the hair colours in the same light; it took some doing.

To begin with, here she is with nothing but the “elf-maiden” soldier race slotted, this is the default appearance.

Note that the default comes with white hair and the “long hair, middle part” hairstyle rendering it kind of pointless to buy the white hair and “long hair, middle part” traits. The dress, however, is a purple version of the robe, it’s exclusive to the default and is not a buyable trait.

Next, Hair colours:
There are four colours, White, Red, Blonde and Black.

And the hair styles:
Four styles, two short and two long.

Short hair, side part

Short hair, bangs

Long hair, side part

Long hair, middle part

And now the clothes:
There are ten different outfits


Matron’s Dress

Maiden’s Dress


Red Robe

Green Robe




Elven Surcoat

Guard Outfits:

Scale Guard Outfit

Leather Guard outfit

Chain Guard Outfit


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